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2024 Australasian Law Academics Association (ALAA) Conference

3 - 5 July 2024

Hosted at Flinders University's New City Campus!

Freedoms + Futures: Challenges for Legal Academic Scholarship

Technology and Law

After a decade of technological advancements and nearly two years of rapid development of large language models, examination of the efffects and implications of emergent technologies on legal scholarship, education and practice.

Globalisation and Legal Systems

Analysing how globalisation is reshaping legal systems and the challenges and opportunities this presents for legal academics.

Social Justice and Legal Scholarship

Exploring the role of legal scholarship and education in promoting social justice and equity, and addressing systemic inequalities within legal systems.

Colonial experiences and truth-telling in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

Focus on the law as a technology of dispossession in the Pacific, and legal futures in the aftermath of the 2023 Australian referendum, Maori experiences in contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand, and movements of truth-telling and treaty.

Environmental Law and Earth's Futures

Discussing the role of legal scholarship and education in addressing environmental challenges and promoting the future/s of our planet and beyond.

Interdisciplinary and intercultural Perspectives

Encouraging interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration and exploring how insights from other disciplines and diverse cultures can enrich legal scholarship and education.

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