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Instructions for Chairs

Chair Resources

  1. Access to resouces is limited to Flinders University staff only.
  2. Presentation slides are available read-only.
  1. All slides and the Presentation Slides folder will launch in a browser.
  2. You will need to authenticate before you can access the resources
  3. All slides can be presented over the PowerPoint web interface they open up in (no need to run PowerPoint)
  4. Some presenters have submitted links to Canva. Clicking on these will open up Canva automatically.

Before the Concurrent Session

  • Arrive at the breakout room for your session 10 minutes before your Concurrent Session (CS) is due to start
  • Ensure PPTs are loaded for your CS:
    • All PPTs are in this share.
    • Go to the Folder for your CS and Stream (eg: 'Concurrent Session 1 Stream A')
    • The PPTs should be there in presentation order.
    • Each PPT is named with the session number and the presenter's name eg: 1.C1 Dara Dimitrov.
    • Double-click on presentation. That will launch PowerPoint (web version) or Canva (depending on what presenter has chosen).
  • Launch the Conference QR Code Slide.
  • Keep the QR slide open in presentation mode. This directs attendees to the program and also prevents the screen saver from kicking in and locking the screen.
  1. You may need to sign in with your FAN on the presentation laptop. Signing in can take up to 5 minutes.
  2. Once you have signed in open up a web browser and navigate to and then to Program and Conference Material --> Instructions for Chairs.
  3. Then click on the share above to access the slides
  • Make sure you have your time cards (see below)
  • See this page for instructions on how to use the in-room AV tech.
  • Greet session speakers and check how to pronounce their names.
  • Speakers should speak in the order listed on the program – please do not change order.
  • Each speaker has 20 mins for the presentation and 5 mins for questions. Do not allow speakers to go overtime.

Some Concurrent Sessions have vacant slots due to last-minute withdrawals by presenters. If you are chairing one of these CS you may allow speakers more than 20 minutes provided the entire CS does not finish late.

  • Inform speakers that bios will not form part of Introduction. Speakers may bio themselves but that comes out of their 20 minute allocation.
  • Inform speakers of time cards.

If you need tech support please contact Conference Command Centre on 0481 821 584.


  • Introduce speaker(s) using name and institution data from their abstract.
  • Include the following in introduction:
    • Make audience aware of 'What did you learn?' padlets (via QR code).
    • No break between presenters.
    • Audience members may move between rooms during the CS but must do so as quietly and unobtrusively as possible.
  • When speaking (chair & presenters) please use a microphone to ensure everyone can hear (including those with hearing impairments).

Keeping Time

  • Use the time cards: 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, Time's up – then 5 mins for questions.
  • Moderate questions. Encourage short questions rather than lengthy comments.
  • Direct people to QR code to access padlets.

At end of Session

  • Re-open the Program QR Code deck.
  • Encourage attendees to complete ‘What did you learn’ on conference app to share insights and crystalise learning.
make sure you finish on time