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Enhancing Legal Education through a Short Term Overseas Study Tour: A Case Study of UWA Law’s Singapore Study Tour

Associate Professor Meredith Blake, Dr Kenny Yang, University of Western Australia


In an increasingly interconnected global legal landscape, practical exposure to different judicial systems stands as a critical component of comprehensive legal education. This paper presents a detailed overview of the University of Western Australia (UWA) Law School's initiative to incorporate international legal systems exposure through a structured short-term study tour in Singapore. The study tour, designed as an intensive summer law elective, sought to blend theoretical knowledge with practical legal insights, facilitating Juris Doctor students at UWA to earn credit units while gaining substantial international exposure. The five-day tour (December 4-7, 2023) involved interactive seminars led by a mix of academics and practicing legal professionals on selected areas of topical interest. Each session was designed to provide insights into the practical application and nuances of Singaporean law, contrasting with Australian legal principles and practices. This outlines the educational strategy and objectives behind UWA’s short-term study tour and sets forth a detailed framework that other academics might follow in developing similar programs.